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The beneficiary designation process is for US participants only and can be completed on The beneficiary designation process is associated with the Transfer on Death designation that allows for US participants to transfer assets to their beneficiaries upon the account holders death.
What you'll need to get started Your residential address. Your date of birth. Your Social Security number or Employment Identification Number. The contact information of your current employer (if applicable) The information on the bank account you'll use to fund your E*TRADE account (you can always set this up later)
When opening certain investment accounts, investors may have the option to designate a beneficiary. It is important to consider the implications in order to minimize tax payable and ensure estate wishes are fulfilled upon the death of an account holder.
You can also delete your account by phone by calling 1-800-ETRADE-1. The customer service representative will give you detailed instructions on how to close your account. After your account is closed, get the confirmation number to keep for your personal records.
Full brokerage transfers submitted electronically are typically completed in ten business days. Paper/mail requests for account transfers generally take three to six weeks, depending on how quickly the delivering financial institution is able to process your transfer request.

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Identify yourself. In this part of the process, the broker website will ask you to scan and upload your proof of identity. This can be a passport, an ID card or a bank statement; exact requirements vary by broker. Some online brokers will ask you to mail them physical copies of your documents.
At times, an executor needs to sell stocks, bonds or other securities owned by the deceased. However, the name on an account holding these securities must be changed to the name of the estate before the executor can sell them.
Probate the will. ... Set up an estate account with a bank. ... Review the will to make sure you can liquidate the stock and it isn't listed as a specific bequest. ... Reregister all stocks in the name of the estate as soon as possible after receiving the letters testamentary. ... Sell the stock by contacting the broker or agent.
Once the necessary documents are received, a new account is typically set up for the beneficiary or estate, at which time securities registered in the name of the deceased person will be transferred.
If you have stocks in a brokerage account, you can name one or more individuals as beneficiaries. This means that once you pass away, your beneficiaries will inherit the brokerage account in its entirety, including any stocks you held at the time of your death. Don't miss out on news that could impact your finances.

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