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The four components of a safe system of work are: People. Equipment. Material. Environment.
Managing health and safety Identify, assess and control hazards. Personal protective equipment. Emergency plans and procedures. Mental health.
The Basics of Safety STAY ALERT - and stay alive. ... WEAR THE RIGHT CLOTHES - work clothes should fit properly. ... USE THE RIGHT TOOLS - if you need a hammer, get a hammer. ... LEARN HOW TO LIFT - Lifting takes more than muscle; it is an art.
The 2019 Top Ten Safety Tips Use tools and machines properly. ... Be aware of your surroundings. ... Be safe in the cold weather. ... Follow procedure, don't take shortcuts. ... Wear your protective gear. ... If you see unsafe conditions, let a supervisor know. ... Take breaks. ... Stay sober.
Safe work procedures are directions on how work is to be carried out safely and are required for all hazardous tasks performed at your workplace. They identify hazards and clarify what must be done to eliminate or minimise risks. For example, you may need to develop procedures for handling cash or disposing of hot oil.

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What Are the Components of a Successful Work Plan? Identify Your Goal. Your very first step in work planning is to identify the goal (or goals) of your project. ... Write an Introduction. ... Define the SMART Objectives. ... List Your Resources. ... Identify Potential Obstacles. ... Assign Accountability. ... Execute Your Plan.
A safe work procedure incorporates all the information from the risk assessment in a manner that allows one to carry out the task safely. It is a detailed record of the step by step process of how to conduct a task. Before writing a safe work procedure, there must be a completed Risk Assessment.
Follow these five steps to create a workplace safety plan for your business: Step 1: Inspect and improve your worksite. ... Step 2: Conduct a job safety analysis. ... Step 3: Put it in writing. ... Step 4: Train your employees. ... Step 5: Analyze accidents.
A Safety Plan is a prioritized written list of coping strategies and sources of support patients can use who have been deemed to be at high risk for suicide. Patients can use these strategies before or during a suicidal crisis. The plan is brief, is in the patient's own words, and is easy to read.
A safe system of work is a formal procedure that defines safe methods to ensure that hazards are eliminated or risks minimised when completing a task.

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