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If the judge believes you or your children are in serious and immediate danger, s/he may give you an ex parte order which is good for 10 days, until your full court hearing.
The court can grant the TRO ex parte, meaning the decision is made without the respondent knowing that the petition is filed and without the respondent being at the courthouse. If the petition is granted, the court will set a date for the injunction hearing and notify the petitioner of this date.
An emergency custody order, sometimes referred to as an \u201cex parte order,\u201d is an immediate, short-term custody order that a judge can grant under limited emergency circumstances, without hearing from the other party.
in which the a decree is passed ex parte against the defendant, he may apply to the court by which the decree was passed for an order to set it aside and if he satisfies that summons was not duly served, or that he was prevented by any sufficient cause from appearing when the suit was called on for hearing ,the court ...
No Contact Orders are legal instructions ordered by a judge to a person. As the name suggests they are orders that a person not contact, communicate, or interact with someone.
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People also ask

Ex Parte Applications- Law & Motion An Ex Parte Application is used for one party to ask the Court for an order without providing the other party(ies) the usual amount of notice or opportunity to write an opposition.
The final protection order or consent agreement is for one year or less unless the court expressly orders it for a longer time. The protected party can return to court to request the protection order be amended and extended for another year or more if he or she can show a reason it needs to be extended.
\u201cEx parte\u201d means that the judge will only hear from that party and not the other side. The temporary orders typically will grant one party the temporary use of a vehicle and possession of the marital home during the pendency of the divorce proceeding.
Ex parte is Latin for \u201cfor one party\u201d and is used in references to motions, hearings, orders, or cases where one party acts or applies to act in the absence of another.
An ex parte motion does not require a response from the opposing party for an order to be passed, and therefore, has a much smaller window of time before the order is passed for the respondent to respond to the motion. A regular motion requires the opposing party to respond to the motion before an order is passed.

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