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Criteria for the award of contracts must take into account the experience of the bidders, their technical and financial capacity, as well as price, quality and quantity of the offers. The criteria are set out in advance in the bidding documents.
The instances wherein a Procuring Entity can technically disqualify a bidder. As regards the disqualification of a bidder, the same may be done during Eligibility Screening, Preliminary Examination of Bids, Bid Evaluation and Post-Qualification stages.
The pre-bid conference(s) shall be held within a reasonable period before the deadline for receipt of bids to allow prospective bidders to adequately prepare their bids, which shall be specified in the IRR. Infrastructure Projects.
(f) Any bid may be rejected if the contracting officer determines in writing that it is unreasonable as to price. Unreasonableness of price includes not only the total price of the bid, but the prices for individual line items as well.
Thus, a local government must award a contract to the lowest bidder meeting the criteria for being responsible, even if another bidder is substantially more responsible and its bid only slightly higher than the low bidder.
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(R.A.) 9184, otherwise known as the \u201cGovernment Procurement Reform Act,\u201d for the purpose of prescribing the necessary rules and regulations for the modernization, standardization, and regulation of the procurement activities of the Government of the Philippines (GoP).
post-qualification means a process undertaken by the bank at the end of the bid evaluation stage to ascertain the capability of the least evaluated bidder to perform the contract. Post qualification assessment may be done for prequalified bidders.
Contract awarding is the method used during a procurement in order to evaluate the proposals (tender offers) taking part and award the relevant contract. Usually at this stage the eligibility of the proposals have been concluded. So it remains to choose the most preferable among the proposed.
[T]he objective of post-qualification under Section 34 of R.A. 9184 is to determine whether the bidder complies with and is responsive to all the requirements and conditions for eligibility and the bidding of the contract, as specified in the bidding documents.
It likewise provides that the Pre-Bid Conference is open to prospective bidders, and in case of procurement of consulting services, the shortlisted bidder, but attendance shall not be mandatory.

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