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A Segment is a structured collection of Data Elements. It must belong to a Data Structure. Segments are used by different files.
The DTM:201 element contains the three-character code from your EDI data to indicate what type of date follows (e.g., date shipped). You define a constant value for the Date/Time Qualifier field, designating that the constant "011" qualifies the date in the Date field.
A segment contains a group of related elements or composite data elements that combine to communicate useful data. Segments are defined by the EDI standards. A segment can occur once or can repeat multiple times. Note: If a segment occurs more than once in a map, it is identified by its name .
An EDI 850 is a type of electronic data interchange transaction set that contains details about an order. Also known as an electronic purchase order, an EDI 850 is usually sent to a vendor as the first step in the ordering process.
The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a reference code \u2014 like a bar code \u2014 used across markets and jurisdictions to uniquely identify a legally distinct entity that engages in a financial transaction.
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A segment terminator is a special character that marks the end of a segment. The segment terminator must be defined in the EDI data format. Select a character that is not likely to be used in any content information. This will help prevent translation errors during processing.
EDI 865, also known as a Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement/Request, is a seller-initiated electronic data interchange transaction set used to communicate with trading partners about an existing purchase order.
What is an EDI 860? EDI 860, also known as a Purchase Order Change Request, is sent from a buyer to a seller when the buyer needs to make changes to their EDI 850 Purchase Order. This electronic data interchange transaction helps streamline trading partner communications, so changes can be tracked and made easily.
A number determining the detail of the polygon mesh SceneKit uses to render the sphere.
The EDI 875 transaction set is a Grocery Products Purchase Order. This is the electronic form of a paper PO, used specifically by grocery wholesalers and retailers for the placement of orders for finished goods from their suppliers.

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