Top FileStore EDM alternatives for small business to try

Comprehensive document management and signing tools are must-haves for businesses of all kinds. Explore the list of FileStore EDM’s alternatives and competitors with the most features, greatest usability, and best pricing rates to suit small companies perfectly. Look through their parameters to see if they satisfy your needs, and start efficiently creating, editing, and approving paperwork
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What are the best alternatives to FileStore EDM for smaller companies?

The 10 competitors and alternatives to FileStore EDM for small businesses include: DocHub, M-Files, Alfresco. See below for additional information on the most popular FileStore EDM alternatives competitors for small businesses.

In-depth information on the most popular FileStore EDM alternatives and competitors for small businesses.


DocHub serves as the comprehensive solution for document management that your business might be looking for. Whether it's editing, signing, or securing documents, this platform has it all under one roof. Choosing DocHub means more opportunities to focus on business productivity without getting bogged down by paperwork.

Key feature
  • Customizable templates creation : With DocHub, users can turn documents into reusable templates, a smart solution for businesses developing their business growth strategies and digital efficiency.
  • Bulk template distribution: By distributing the URL of a template to a group, each member can create and fill in their own copy, enhancing collaboration and individual input.
  • Faxing: DocHub offers an eFax feature that lets small business management send and track documents easily, charging exclusively for successful transmissions, making it the perfect software for small business users.
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M-Files is a user-friendly file storage solution designed specifically for small businesses. It offers a range of key features to improve document management and collaboration.

Key feature
  • Metadata-driven Architecture: M-Files uses a metadata-driven architecture, which means that documents are organized based on their properties rather than their physical location. This feature makes it easy to find and retrieve documents, even if you don't remember where you saved them.
  • Collaboration Tools: M-Files includes powerful collaboration tools that allow teams to work together on documents in real-time. This feature enables teams to co-author documents, leave comments, and track changes, enhancing productivity and fostering collaboration.
  • Secure Access Control: Keeping sensitive documents secure is crucial for small businesses. M-Files offers robust access control features, allowing you to define permissions and restrict access to specific documents or folders. This feature ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive information.


Alfresco is a comprehensive file storage solution suitable for small businesses. It offers a range of key features designed to enhance document management and collaboration.

Key feature
  • Document Workflow: Alfresco's document workflow feature allows you to streamline and automate your business processes. You can create customized workflows to ensure that documents are routed to the right people at the right time, improving efficiency and reducing errors.
  • Enterprise Content Management: With Alfresco's enterprise content management capabilities, you can easily organize and manage your documents. This feature includes features such as version control, document tagging, and document preview, making it easy to find and work with your documents.
  • Integration with Third-Party Apps: Alfresco integrates seamlessly with a wide range of third-party applications, allowing you to extend its functionality and integrate it into your existing workflow. This feature enables you to connect Alfresco with tools such as CRM systems, project management software, and more.
Note: Some of these free alternatives may have limitations in their free versions or offer premium features at a cost.

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Evaluate the three top-rated alternative solutions to FileStore EDM from above and come to know why they are so great for small companies.


Accommodating businesses of all sizes, DocHub offers a suite of document management tools designed to foster business efficiency, collaboration, and security. From editing PDFs to capturing data with fillable forms, it takes the routine and hassle out of document management and reclaims more working hours for what matters.

Key features
  • Integration with Google Contacts: By integrating Google Contacts, DocHub elevates online business tools, automatically filling email addresses to facilitate quick document sharing and teamwork.
  • Integration with Dropbox : The integration provides a secure and efficient way to edit, annotate, sign, and share directly from Dropbox.
  • Integration with OneDrive : With its OneDrive integration, DocHub opens the door for seamless document management and editing in the Microsoft environment, promoting greater business efficiency.


M-Files is a versatile and scalable file management solution that offers significant advantages for small businesses. Its key features include AI-powered intelligent metadata tagging, version control, and mobile accessibility.

Key features
  • AI-Powered Intelligent Metadata Tagging: M-Files utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically analyze and tag documents with relevant metadata. This advanced feature eliminates the need for manual metadata entry, ensuring consistent and accurate document classification. Small businesses can easily locate and organize files based on specific attributes, saving time and improving information retrieval.
  • Version Control: M-Files enables small businesses to maintain control over document versions, ensuring that the latest and most up-to-date version is always accessible. With version control, businesses can track changes, compare revisions, and revert to previous versions if needed, reducing the risk of data loss or confusion.
  • Mobile Accessibility: M-Files provides mobile apps that allow small business employees to access and manage their files from anywhere, anytime. This feature enables remote work, enhances collaboration, and increases productivity by providing seamless access to important documents on smartphones and tablets.


Alfresco is a reliable and cost-effective choice for small businesses seeking an efficient file storage and collaboration solution. Its key features include content management, workflow automation, and open-source flexibility.

Key features
  • Content Management: Alfresco offers comprehensive content management capabilities, allowing small businesses to store, organize, and secure their files effectively. This feature enables easy file sharing, version control, and document lifecycle management, ensuring efficient collaboration and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Workflow Automation: Alfresco enables small businesses to automate their document-centric workflows, reducing manual tasks and improving process efficiency. With workflow automation, businesses can streamline approval processes, track document progress, and ensure timely task completion, leading to increased productivity and reduced errors.
  • Open-Source Flexibility: Alfresco is based on an open-source platform, providing small businesses with flexibility and customization options. This feature allows businesses to tailor the system to their specific needs, integrate with other systems, and benefit from a supportive community of developers and users.

Overall, these alternatives offer a great combination of features, usability, and affordability, making them suitable for small businesses that need to create, edit, and manage PDFs efficiently without breaking the bank.