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What are the 10 best Free OnlineFaxes competitors and alternatives?

The 10 best free competitors and alternatives to OnlineFaxes for small businesses include DocHub, GotFreeFax, HelloFax, FaxBetter, EFax

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Transform how you manage your routine workflows. DocHub provides free and compliant editing and eSignature tools to streamline your tasks. Create, edit, eSign, and securely store your complete documents and forms with DocHub.

Key feature
  • Reminders and alerts: Boost your individual and business document workflows with timely reminders and alerts that continuously and timely update you on your workflow's progress.
  • Document annotation tools: Annotate your documents for free with DocHub, leave comments, highlight relevant paragraphs, and manage your pages on any platform.
  • Convert various document formats: DocHub allows you to retain complete control over any document format out there, transform your PDFs into other formats, and vice versa.
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GotFreeFax is a reliable online fax service that allows you to send faxes for free.

Key feature
  • No ads on the cover page: Unlike many other free fax services, GotFreeFax doesn't include any advertisements on the cover page of your fax. It maintains a professional appearance.
  • Fax confirmation: With GotFreeFax, you receive a confirmation email when your fax is successfully sent. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your fax was delivered.
  • International faxing: GotFreeFax allows you to send faxes internationally, making it a great choice for businesses with global operations. Stay connected with clients worldwide.


HelloFax is a free online fax service that offers a range of features to streamline your faxing experience.

Key feature
  • Integration with cloud storage: HelloFax integrates seamlessly with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Easily access and send your files.
  • Digital signature: With HelloFax, you can sign documents electronically, eliminating the need for printing, signing, and scanning. Save time and resources.
  • Fax scheduling: Schedule your faxes to be sent at a specific date and time with HelloFax. This feature allows you to plan your fax transmissions in advance.


FaxBetter is a free online fax service that provides advanced features for efficient faxing.

Key feature
  • Unlimited incoming faxes: With FaxBetter, you can receive an unlimited number of faxes for free. Never miss an important document again.
  • Fax to email: All your incoming faxes are automatically forwarded to your email address as PDF attachments. Access your faxes from anywhere.
  • Fax search functionality: FaxBetter allows you to search for specific faxes using keywords or sender information. Easily find the fax you're looking for in your inbox.

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eFax is a free online fax service that offers a comprehensive set of features for efficient fax communication.

Key feature
  • Mobile app: eFax provides a mobile app that allows you to send and receive faxes directly from your smartphone or tablet. Stay connected on the go.
  • Large file support: With eFax, you can send faxes with large file attachments, ensuring that you can transmit all your important documents without any limitations.
  • Fax broadcasting: eFax enables you to send a single fax to multiple recipients simultaneously. Save time by reaching multiple contacts with just one transmission.
Note: Some of these free alternatives may have limitations in their free versions or offer premium features at a cost.

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Shortlist: Top 3 Free OnlineFaxes Alternatives


DocHub offers quick access to all essential tools relevant to daily document management. Get a free, flexible, and secure document management solution. Access eSigning, editing, creation tools, and cloud-based integrations in one place.

Key features
  • Automatic save and backup: DocHub ensures that all your documents are kept secure and updated with advanced free autosave and backup features.
  • Advanced Audit Trail: Maintain transparency and accountability at every stage of document management, enhance compliance and security, and quickly spot errors with the free audit trail feature.
  • Multi-platform accessibility: Create, edit, and eSign your documents on any platform for free with DocHub’s adaptable and flexible interface and mobile device support and optimization.


GotFreeFax is another strong competitor in the free online fax market. It offers a reliable and secure platform for sending faxes at no cost. The service is ideal for customers who value privacy and need a trustworthy solution for their faxing needs.

Key features
  • Secure Fax Transmission: GotFreeFax ensures the security and privacy of fax transmissions. It uses encryption technology to protect sensitive information, making it a suitable choice for businesses that deal with confidential documents.
  • No Faxing Limitations: With GotFreeFax, users can send faxes without any limitations on the number of pages or faxes. This flexibility is advantageous for businesses that frequently send large or multiple faxes.
  • No Ads or Watermarks: GotFreeFax does not include any ads or watermarks on the sent faxes. This ensures a professional and clean appearance, making it a preferred choice for businesses that want to maintain a polished image.


HelloFax is a reputable competitor in the free online fax market. It offers a comprehensive set of features and integrates seamlessly with popular cloud storage services. This makes it an ideal choice for customers who rely on cloud storage and need a versatile faxing solution.

Key features
  • Cloud Storage Integration: HelloFax allows users to easily import and send documents from popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. This integration streamlines the faxing process and saves time for users who frequently work with cloud-based documents.
  • Digital Signature: HelloFax provides the ability to add digital signatures to faxes, eliminating the need for printing, signing, and scanning documents. This feature is convenient for businesses that require signed documents and want to reduce paper usage.
  • Faxing from Email: HelloFax enables users to send faxes directly from their email accounts. This feature simplifies the faxing process and allows users to send faxes without the need to log in to a separate platform.

Overall, these free alternatives to OnlineFaxes offer a great combination of features, usability, and affordability, making them suitable for small businesses that need to create, edit, and manage PDFs efficiently without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Alternatives to OnlineFaxes

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Use the eFax App To Receive, With the best free fax app for iPhone and Android, you can turn your existing smartphone into a full fax machine. Use it to send a mobile fax, receive faxes and even add your electronic signature from anywhere, at any time. The eFax fax app is available for Android and iOS.
Gmail doesnt have a built-in feature that allows you to send faxes, which is why finding a reliable third-party fax service is your first step in the process. Well use FAX. PLUS, in this particular tutorial as its among the most popular options out there. You can find it in the Google Workspace Marketplace.
One of the best free fax apps for Android is iFax. The app allows you to send and receive faxes right from your Android smartphone or tablet. Faxes are sent over an internet connection, so youll need to have a Wi-Fi or data connection to use this app. Using the iFax app for Android for free is easy.
CocoFax offers 100% free faxing service, allowing you to send 10 pages without hidden costs. All you need to do is sign up with your email and get a free fax number, which is incredibly convenient if you are a remote worker or a low-volume fax user.
Unfortunately, the answer is no. Google does not offer a standalone free fax service. However, you can still fax from Gmail without paying a fee. To do so, youll need workspace integrations that would connect an online fax service to your Google account.
CocoFax offers 100% free faxing service, allowing you to send 10 pages without hidden costs. All you need to do is sign up with your email and get a free fax number, which is incredibly convenient if you are a remote worker or a low-volume fax user.
With over 5 million users worldwide, iFax is the worlds leading internet faxing service that allows you to send to any fax number without charge.
How can I send a fax from my computer for free? Sign up for a free account on FAX.PLUS (No credit card needed) Go to the Send Fax section and enter the recipients fax number in the To field (country code + area code + fax number) Click on the Add Text or Add File buttons to attach the documents you wish to fax.